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Dinghy Academy new headquarters in Valencia (RCNV). Foto Tognozzi

Valencia, September 9th 2014- Dinghy Academy is pleased to announce that the Audit Report about Dinghy Academy as ISAF Approved Training Center is now posted on the International Sailing Federation website www.sailing.org. In the Report, Andy Jeffrey, ISAF Nominated Expert, concludes that “Although the Dinghy Academy has only been operating for two years, the depth of experience and skills upon which it is able to draw give it a credible profile as a training provider. Consequently, it is recommended that the Dinghy Academy in Valencia should be awarded ISAF Approved Training Center status”.

A formal audit was carried out on July 30 2014 at Dinghy Academy headquarters in Valencia. The visit was hosted by Luca Devoti, Dinghy Academy’s founder and Head Coach. The visit included interviews with several athlete participating in existing training programs and observation of a training session afloat.

Dinghy Academy new headquarters in Valencia (RCNV). Foto Tognozzi

Dinghy Academy new headquarters in Valencia (RCNV). Foto Tognozzi

Dinghy Academy was founded in 2012 by Luca Devoti, Finn Class silver olympic medallist, America’s Cup skipper and coach, and Roman Teply, CEO of Devoti Sailing. Modern sport is changing at an increasingly faster pace. Top sailing prospects needs to grow on the basis of high-level centers where high performance athletes can work in groups with the same goal, win an Olympic medal. Dinghy Academy was created keeping in mind this current trend. Dinghy Academy wants to create a training team marked by a high-quality program that includes sports skills and techniques, mental coaching, boat tuning.

Dinghy Academy can count now with its brand new headquarters of 400 m2 and can offer superb sailing facilities, excellent sailing conditions throughout the year thanks to Valencia’s warm climate and famous sea breeze.

Dinghy Academy would like to thank the International Finn Class and its program FIDES for sailors from emerging countries, which gave an essential contribution to the growth of the Academy.

Dinghy Academy Head Coach Luca Devoti quotes: “This is a great achievement for us. When we started with this project only two years ago, we were a small group of people with athletes training here in Valencia, most of them coming from emerging sailing countries. Now we have a group of 15 athletes fully established in Valencia with more coming throughout the year. Our guys are the 20% of the ISAF Finn World Championship fleet racing in the next days in Santander. The ISAF Approved Training Center status is a great result to our effort in order to establish an International Training Center and we are fully committed with the task to give international young sailors the chance to achieve their dreams to sail and maybe win the Olympic Games”.

Audit Report link: http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/ISAFApprovedTrainingCentreauditreportDinghyAcademyValencia30.07.2014-%5B17395%5D.pdf

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About Dinghy Academy

The British Olympic sailing team has proved that only a coordinated and motivated group of high-level athletes can win in the highest levels of sailing. However, no other country has such a base big enough to do it. That's why Dinghy Academy was created. It puts together a well-assorted team of Olympic champions from various countries in one high-level training center under the guidance of some of the world's top specialists.
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Meet Our Team

The force of Dinghy Academy lies in its people, a group of some of the world's most experienced athletes, coaches and technical experts in the sport of sailing. They work together as a multidisciplinary team, guaranteeing that all participants in the Dinghy Academy reach their full potential
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Products for Success

Dinghy Academy has entered into exclusive collaboration deals with a number of specialized companies in the nautical sector that will provide a competitive advantage to its sailors. Concept Finn masts The new Concept Sailracing Finn mast has been developed by Michele Marchesine and his team who has launched the new Concept Sailracing CK01 Finn Mast. Nanoprom produces and markets innovative and often unique solutions for the treatment of surfaces with nano-technologically.
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Success at the highest levels of professional sport is becoming increasingly complex. Top sailing prospects needs to grow on the basis of high-level centers where high performance athletes can work in groups with the same goal, winning an Olympic medal.

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