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    Training is a 365 job
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    You can achieve higher
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    When fast isn't enough
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    Be ahead of the fleet

Pablo Guitiàn and Alejandro Muscat (ESP), training in heavy seas in Valencia

Valencia- Dinghy Academy announced the new training programme for the Finn Class for autumn, winter, spring 2014-2015.

The schedule will be as follows:

October 20 to November 7 2014 Valencia

November 17 to December 5 2014 Valencia and/or Abu Dhabi

December 15 to 22 December 2014 Palamòs Regatta

January 19 to February 6 2015 Valencia

Febrary 16 to March 1 2015 2015 Cadiz Training + Regatta

March 9 to 20 2015 Valencia

March 25 to Abril 4 2015 Palma Regatta

Abril 13 to May 1 2015 Valencia (who will not sail at Hyeres)

Abril 18 to 26 2015 Hyeres (who holds place at Hyeres)

Pablo Guitiàn and Alejandro Muscat (ESP), training in heavy seas in Valencia

Pablo Guitiàn and Alejandro Muscat (ESP), training in heavy seas in Valencia

Please, note that Dinghy Academy training staff will also be active in Valencia in the days between the scheduled period of training as above mentioned.

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About Dinghy Academy

The British Olympic sailing team has proved that only a coordinated and motivated group of high-level athletes can win in the highest levels of sailing. However, no other country has such a base big enough to do it. That's why Dinghy Academy was created. It puts together a well-assorted team of Olympic champions from various countries in one high-level training center under the guidance of some of the world's top specialists.
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Meet Our Team

The force of Dinghy Academy lies in its people, a group of some of the world's most experienced athletes, coaches and technical experts in the sport of sailing. They work together as a multidisciplinary team, guaranteeing that all participants in the Dinghy Academy reach their full potential
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Products for Success

Dinghy Academy has entered into exclusive collaboration deals with a number of specialized companies in the nautical sector that will provide a competitive advantage to its sailors. Concept Finn masts The new Concept Sailracing Finn mast has been developed by Michele Marchesine and his team who has launched the new Concept Sailracing CK01 Finn Mast. Nanoprom produces and markets innovative and often unique solutions for the treatment of surfaces with nano-technologically.
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